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A brief history of the guitar

Guitars have existed for well over six hundred years. The first written mention of the guitar comes in the 14th century. The guitar probably was created in Spain. By the 16th century it was the counterpart to the vihuela in Spain. The vihuela is an instrument of similar shape to that of the guitar. The guitar used be called a tavern instrument because it could not meet the demands of classical music.

The electric guitar, developed for the then popular music in the United States in the 1930s, typically has a solid, nonresonant body. The sound of its strings is both amplified and manipulated electronically by the musician. American musician and inventor Les Paul developed prototypes for the solid-bodied electric guitar and popularized the instrument beginning in the 1940s.

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Guitar-Bay - Lets you create a registry of your PA systems, Deluxe Gig Guitar Bags and other instruments, also buy and sell used guitars and accessories.

Guitar Repair Shop - Articles on 7 & 12 string electric guitar repair and maintenance, plus you can ask your own repair question.

Guitar Geek - Diagrams guitar rigs, plus some discussions on home recording.

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Guitar Trader - Buy guitars direct and save money. They offer a outstanding money back quality guarantee on every guitar sold whether its a spanish or acoustic/electric acoustic. - Articles and gear reviews to help you find your ultimate tone, plus forums and classifieds for Brass Slides and more.

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